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Child Abuse Awareness Training for Mandated Reporters

Do you know if you are a mandated reporter?

Chances are if you work with children on a frequent basis you are a mandated reporter. SC law lists the following adults as mandated reporters:
       Medical personnel:
          (doctors, nurses, medical examiners, EMTs, mental health workers)
       Education members:
           (teachers, principals, counselors, assistant principals)
       Public servants:
           (social workers, counselors, childcare center workers, foster care workers, law enforcement)
       IT professionals:
           (persons responsible for processing films, computer technicians)

At the beginning of 2015, the South Carolina General Assembly was presented with bill H.3099, which is expected to pass in both the House and Senate. This bill would add scout leaders, camp counselors, firefighters, and coaches as mandated reporters.

When adults are educated in the signs of child abuse and neglect, and what to do if they suspect abuse, children are safer and families are strengthened. In this comprehensive training, participants will learn:

- The four types of child abuse
- What SC Law states about Child Abuse
- Indicators of abuse presented by the child and caregiver
- Who "Mandatory Reporters" are, and their responsibilities about reporting according to SC law
- What to do if you suspect a child is being abused
- When SC Law requires a report to be made
- Which agency to contact to make a report

"Usually it's not on our radar, unless we are a social worker, judge or police office-until we read the newspaper or listen to the news. As the Coordinator of the South Carolina Citizen Review Panel, I know that ordinary citizens can play a role in preventing child abuse and neglect. That's why we have joined forces with FamilyCorps to help South Carolinians better understand child abuse and what they can do to take a stand against it."

~ Cheryl Wilson Worrell, MPA Coordinator of the South Carolina Citizen Review Panel 

Children cannot be expected to protect themselves from child abuse. It is the responsibility of adults to be trained in child abuse awareness and prevention. This training is certified by SCDSS for 2.0 contact hours.

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